The Pre-Maîtrise provides a first musical experience through musical training and vocal practice in small groups and in choir.

The Pre-Maîtrise is open to children from 1st to 3rd grade, or even 5th grade, regardless of the school attended.

From 4th grade, only children with a previous musical practice can enter the Pre-Maîtrise.

Classes take place in groups on Wednesdays afternoons, at the premises of the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris.

The Pre-Maîtrise is the first stage of a longer training course preparing the entrance to the Children Choir of the Maîtrise for those that request it (from 3rd grade) and who have successfully passed the entrance tests to the Children Choir .

The objectives of the Pre-Maîtrise are:

  • the development of  musical motivations and curiosity,
  • the sensory and bodily approach of the different elements of musical language,
  • the acquisition of the first musical and solfegic bases,
  • learning monodic and polyphonic singing.


Children receive 1.5 hours of lessons each week.

Lessons alternate between singing and musical training. The teacher works within the framework of a pedagogical orientation based on the one hand on the principles of the Willems method and on the other hand on the vocal teaching provided by the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris.