Cultural Actions

Cultural actions are integrated into the pedagogy of each choir. Children and adults thus share their passion for singing and learn to adapt to different places and audiences.

Musique Sacrée à Notre-Dame has, among its fundamental objectives, the discovery and sharing of its repertoire to a large audience and its accessibility to the greatest number. The structure is also passionate about discovering and transmitting values related to choral learning and practice. It was from this momentum that the desire to coordinate the policy of cultural actions was born in 2016. The objective is to create or perpetuate solid partnerships with educational, medical and associative structures by offering them enriched and adapted cultural programs.

For the year 2018 – 2019, the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris was thus called upon to perform at:

  • Elementary School Victor Cousin (Paris 5e)
  • Elementary School Saint-Jacques (Paris 5e)
  • EHPAD (Sheltered home for Elderly) du Jardin des Plantes (Paris 5e)
  • Necker Hospital for Sick Children AP-HP
  • CHRS (Accommodation and social rehabilitation centre) Saint-Martin (Paris 4e)
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